If you have ever felt like the undergrad computer lab could be improved, this is your chance to have your voice heard and ideas taken seriously. The Department of Computer Science has asked the Computer Science Undergraduate Society to solicit the student body for their most creative ideas in order to imagine an improved undergraduate lab space. We’ve left it up to you to submit your vision for the lab space. For this contest, the sky is the limit! Dream as big as you can and show us what your prefect lab space would be like.

These designs will be shown to architects and prospective sponsors, so your work will make a serious impact on the upcoming lab renovation. Whether your ideas take the form of an updated floorplan, your ideal computer desk (more recent than 1970) or even just better lighting. We would like to see your ideas brought to life in the medium of your choice. This can be whatever form of design you feel most comfortable with which can include but is certainly not limited to: 3D models, drawings or sketches, Lego, Minecraft. If you feel like you have some great idea for the ideal lab but are shaky on the design side, you can partner up with as many friends as you like (not limited to Computer Science students) and work collaboratively on the submission.

The final submission will be 4 to 6 images of your design accompanied by a brief explanation of each image. Please see the submissions section for more detailed rules around submission. Submissions will be printed and displayed around the labs where your fellow students will be able to vote for their top 3 favourite designs.

A floor plan to base your design around can be found here.


Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD600 in prizes

First place

$300 CAD

Second Place

$200 CAD

Third Place

$100 CAD

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Any University of Calgary student (over 18 years old) may compete, any size of group can jointly submit a design.


Submissions will contain 4-6 images in a commonly accepted format (.png, .jpeg) accompanied by a word document (.docx) with a short explanation of each image. Please make it very clear the pairing between descriptions and images. CSUS staff will format each submission into a poster which will be displayed around the undergraduate labs where students can view them. For a submission to accepted it must be a serious attempt at the problem. In addition, it is not required, but we would appreciate if you could please include the raw files for your design.


Undergrad Student Body

Undergrad Student Body

Judging Criteria

  • Student Judging
    All Computer Science Undergraduates will be able to vote for their favorite designs.

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